The Molecules & Minds simulations were designed to show you how chemistry concepts are everywhere around you.  The simulations will help you get a better understanding of those concepts than you could get through textbooks and pictures alone.

The idea behind Kinetic Molecular Theory is that matter is composed of particles in constant motion.  The simulations will show you what that constant motion looks like, and allow you to manipulate one variable (such as temperature) and see how it impacts another variable (such as pressure).

Check out some of the resources on this website to get the most out of the simulations or to learn more about them.

Simulation Tips

What is a simulation?

We have four quick suggestions that will help you get the most out of the Molecules & Minds simulations. Check them out before you get started!

simulation screenshot


Here are links to our Molecules & Minds simulations: Diffusion, Kinetic Molecular Theory, Gas Laws, and Phase Change.

Student FAQ's

Student FAQ's

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