Language & Narrative in Children's Development and Learning @ CREATE Lab, 196 Mercer St., 8th Floor

04/22/2013 1:30 pm – 04/22/2013 3:00 pm Jens Brockmeier (U. Manitoba & Free University Berlin) Dr. Brockmeier will be giving a brief talk about some of his recent research on the role of language and narrative in children’s development of theory and mind and emotion understanding. This will be followed by a more general discussion of the role of narrative in education and development. About Dr. Brockmeier: Professor Brockmeier’s research is concerned with the cultural fabric of mind and language. A number of his research projects have revolved around writing and literacy and its psychological, cultural, and philosophical implications. In a similar key, he has examined how language, as a form of life and central dimension of human development, works in specific social and applied settings. In particular, he has been investigating narrative as psychological, linguistic, and cultural form and practice. His main interest here is in the function of narrative for autobiographical memory, personal identity, and the understanding of time, issues he has explored both empirically and philosophically – empirically, in various languages and sociocultural contexts, as developmental phenomena, and under conditions of health and illness; philosophically, in terms of a narrative hermeneutics.  Dr. Brockmeier’s talk is part of the IPoRT colloquium series and co-hosted by CREATE and the Graduate Center’s CHILD Lab. For more information, please contact Dr. Bruce Homer