CREATE releases white paper on Playful Learning

Playful Learning: An Integrated Design Framework

Jan L. Plass, New York University
Bruce D. Homer, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
Charles K. Kinzer, Teachers College, Columbia University

The design of, and research on, digital games for learning has been hampered by the lack of a comprehensive design framework of game-based learning that incorporates essential elements unique to learning from this genre. Broadening the scope to playful learning, we therefore propose an integrated approach to the design of these learning environments that brings together cognitive, affective, and socio-cultural perspectives to form a comprehensive learning sciences perspective. We first define playful learning and its characteristics as well as the different forms of learner engagement it entails. We then discuss each of the three perspectives, which aspects of playful learning they emphasize, and which they de-emphasize. We then describe key theoretical contributions to the design of playful learning from the three approaches. Finally, we draw conclusions from the emerging model, including suggestions for future research on the design of games for learning.

Download full-text PDF: G4LI White Paper 02-2014 Playful Learning

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